Made in Gelderland / Gemaakt in Gelderland

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Heritage festival summer 2015

Between 12th of June and 20th of September 2015, the Dutch county of Gelderland’s crafts and manufacturing industry will be in the spotlight. This is when the heritage festival, Gemaakt in Gelderland (Made in Gelderland), is being held, with a programme of exciting events. The festival will feature current and past highlights of crafts and manufacturing in Gelderland.

Crafts and manufacturing in Gelderland have a long and rich history having developed over the centuries according to local needs and environments. One can still find all kinds of examples of typical local industry that have a special and innovative character but are often unknown to the wider public. Gemaakt in Gelderland will focus on the past and present of Gelderland’s manufacturing industry through exhibitions, music, film, and theatre events, walking and cycling tours, lectures, and games.

Crafts and industry in Gelderland

Different areas of Gelderland are known for their specific industries. For example, bricks and ships along the rivers, textiles in the Achterhoek, paper in the Veluwe, iron in the Oude IJsselstreek, and fruit growing in the Betuwe. Also, many cities in Gelderland are famous for their historic brands such as, Gazelle (Dieren), Talens (Apeldoorn), NXP (Nijmegen), Grolsch (Groenlo), Aviko (Steenderen) and Gispen (Culemborg).

The local crafts and industries have made an enormous impact on the landscape, architecture, infrastructure, and inhabitants of Gelderland. This may be seen in the buildings, rivers and railways, films, photos, documents, tools and object in museums of the county.  Also, they may be found in the stories and recollections of the county’s people.

For the first time business and industry will be actively involved in this edition of the heritage festival. Gelderland companies and organisations are invited to participate in the festival by organising activities and events either on an individual or collaborative basis. The festival will provide a great opportunity for participants to present their products, projects and stories to a wide public audience.

 For more information about Gemaakt in Gelderland, please contact us
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