COSME - Supporting Competitive and Sustainable Growth in the Tourism Sector

This EU call supports transnational cooperation projects on tourism and intra-EU tourism mobility. The focus is on the diversification of the tourism offer by supporting transnational tourism products, in the field of sport and/or wellness activities linked to natural environment as well as the ones linked to cultural and industrial heritage.

The specific objectives of this theme for the present call are to:

  • Strengthen transnational cooperation with regard to sustainable tourism;
  • Encourage the diversification of the supply of tourism products and services by the development of sustainable transnational tourism products;
  • Strengthen cross-border cooperation and the management skills of public or private bodies in charge of developing sustainable thematic tourism products;
  • Better market uptake and visibility of attractive sustainable European transnational tourism offer;
  • Better valorisation of the European natural, cultural and industrial heritage and of its potential for the further development of the tourism sector;
  • Support economic regeneration and job creation in declining (post) industrial regions;
  • Foster synergies between tourism and sport and/or wellness related activities and their impact on economy and people’s wellbeing.

Deadline: 30-06-2015
Information: see EU webpage - COSME-06-2015